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Post Race Update 2017-3 from Flamboro Speedway May 20, 2017

With the Victoria Day long weekend and the unofficial start of summer, it was cold and windy with a threat of rain as Jake and Billy arrived at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night for a regular night of racing. Samantha had planned on running the Spring Velocity event at Sunset Speeday over the weekend however, with her dad at Bristol Motor Speedway with Steve Laking for the U.S. Short Track Nationals and having to work on the Sunday and holiday Monday, the #81 stayed in the shop.

Jake was first on the track for practice in the #88 mini stock and he was happy with the handling with the exception of a slight tight condition that he adjusted with tire pressures over the course of their two practice sessions. Billy and the #86 pro late model hit the track and the team worked on the same tight condition that Jake was fighting but the tight condition on the #86 was as much a result of the lack of stagger in the practice tires compared to what they would be using for race tires so the team was hesitant to change too much.

Jake lined up on the outside of the third row in 6th out of 15 cars for the first 20-lap feature of the night and after going to the outside and making it four wide, made his way up to 4th by lap 3. After a caution for the #03 who blew his second motor in as many weeks, Jake would restart 3rd however; he got stuck in a 3-wide battle and slid back to 6th by lap 12 where he would remain until the finish.

Billy drew the pole position for his first 30-lap feature consisting of 17 cars and would pull well ahead of the field for the first half of the race when the #15 started to slowly close the gap as the laps ticked by. On lap 21 the #15 had caught up to Billy and despite being a faster car, he did not take his time looking to make a move around the #86, and instead got into the back of Billy coming out of turn 4 sending him around in a cloud of smoke. Billy was sent to the back of the field as a result along with the #15 for spinning him. After the restart Billy was able to make his way back up to the 9th position and with just two laps remaining, the #97 and the #5 would make contact going into turn 1 with both cars ending up against the wall with the #5 being flipped upside on top of the #97. After a long red flag delay to get the cars apart and off the track, Billy restarted in the 7th position for a green, white, checkered finish where he would battle with the #32 for the 6th position but he would ultimately come home in 7th. Billy brought the #86 back to the pits and the team went to work repairing some minor body damage and make an adjustment for a tight condition that was sending Billy up the track and closer to the wall than he would have liked as he exited the corner.

After making a spring adjustment to hopefully fix the tight condition that he had in the first feature, Jake started in the 5th position for the second 20-lap feature of the night for the mini stocks. As the field took the green flag, the #55 who started on the pole and the #45 who started on the outside pole, made contact sending the #55 hard into the outside wall and spinning the #45 to the infield. On the restart, Jake would now take the green flag from the 3rd position and on lap 2 he passed the #84 for 2nd before making a move on the #77 and taking over the lead on lap 3. Jake maintained the lead until lap 8 when the #71 took Jake on the inside putting him 2nd. Jake dropped another position on lap 14 as the #61 made his move dropping Jake back to 3rd where he would come home with a podium finish.

As the pro late models took to the track for the second feature of the night, Billy lined up in the 3rd position and just as the field ran a few hot laps to warm up their tires, the skies opened up and the rain started to fall ending the night for the #86. As of right now it looks like the feature race that was rained out will be run on Saturday June 3rd to start the evening and then the regular two features will be run during the regular portion of the program.

Jake returns to Flamboro on Saturday May 27th for a regular night of racing. The front gates open at 5:00 PM with racing getting underway at 6:00 PM. Samantha joins Billy at Sunset Speedway that same night for the season opener of the APC United Late Model Series. The front gate opens at 3:30 PM with racing getting underway at 5:00 PM.

Post Race Update 2017-2 from Flamboro & Sunset Speedways May 13, 2017

Inclement weather the previous weekend delayed the debut of the #86 pro late model so the team took advantage of the down time to take pictures of the #86 for the 2017 hero cards. A special thank you goes out to Tyson Wentworth for all of his time and effort to help make the #86 look its best. Jake was back in action at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night as Samantha made her season debut at Sunset Speedway that same night. Ken and Billy considered taking the #86 mini stock back out to Flamboro on Saturday night but because they are not registered at the track for that class, they decided against it but went anyway to help Jake and Billy’s brother Ricky. Arriving at the track, they were told the tracks policy had changed and even if you’re not a registered car, you can still compete for the nightly payout but you will not be eligible for the season points standings. Flamboro is hoping that this will attract more cars from other tracks and increase the car counts.

Flamboro Speedway: Jake was happy with the handling of the #88 over the course of practice with only a few minor adjustments being made including air pressures. In the first of two feature races Jake lined up in the 8th starting position and although the car was handling really well, Jake felt that the #88 was lacking a bit of power. Despite the lack of power Jake brought home the #88 in 4th picking up his third consecutive top-5 finish of the season. In the second feature of the night Jake again lined up in the 8th starting position and it would more eventful than the first as he had to dodge a few wrecks as he made his way to the front of the field. At the halfway point the car started smoking and then the caution flag came out for an incident shortly thereafter. Jake found himself restarting at the front of the field inside the #71 and despite giving it everything he had, he had to settle with the runner-up position and yet another top-5 finish. With the motor starting to show signs of aging, Jake is hoping that their new motor is going to be ready in the next couple of weeks so he can continue to battle with the other front runners for a feature win.

Sunset Speedway: Due to a work commitment, Samantha would miss the first practice session of the day so her uncle Steve Laking jumped behind the wheel of the #81 to practice it as she was concerned that she wasn’t going to make the second practice either. Steve found the car to be extremely tight over the course of the first practice so the right rear spring was changed with the hopes of loosening it up. Samantha arrived just in time for second practice so she jumped in the car and took to the track. Despite changing the right rear spring the car was still quite tight so they moved a spring rubber from the left rear to the right rear as well as took some preload out of the sway bar. After making the changes, they took the car over the scales and found that it was heavy so they took some lead out of the car before the first heat race. Samantha lined up 8th in the third heat race but quickly made her way towards the front. Just as she was making the pass to move into 2nd the caution came out with three laps to go. Now restarting 3rd the leader did not get going on the restart dropping Samantha back to 4th where she would finish. In her second heat race of the night Samantha lined up in the second row in 3rd and soon found herself at the front of the field as she would bring home her first checkered flag of the season. As the top qualifier of the night, Samantha had to line-up back in the 18th position out of 29 cars and despite multiple cautions over the course of the race for single car incidents, Samantha was able to gain a few positions and bring home the #81 in 12th without a mark on the car.

Samantha returns to Sunset Speedway on Saturday May 20th & Sunday May 21st for the annual Spring Velocity event. The front gate opens at 3:30 PM with racing getting underway at 5:00 PM on Saturday while the front gates open at 1:30 PM with racing getting underway at 3:00 PM on Sunday. Billy and Jake return to Flamboro on Saturday May 20th as the #86 pro late model makes its season debut after being rained out on May 6th. The front gate opens at 5:00 PM with racing getting underway at 6:00 PM.

Post Race Update from Flamboro Speedway April 29, 2017

Leading up to the season opener, the #86 team was kept busy as they took the pro late model to Sunset Speedway on April 14th for an open practice session where they would shake down the car after the winter rebuild and get a good baseline setup for the first race of the APC United Late Model Series that would run at the track on May 27th. After discovering that the car was set too low at the front end wearing off the valance from hitting the track, the team went to work on the ride height to get the front end of the car up off the track and above the minimum ride height rule. Billy was generally happy with the car and after running a total of six practice runs, the team was very happy with the handling through the corners, bringing their lap times down .3 seconds from where they started and in a range that would give them a good baseline for when they returned in May. After returning to the shop to do a complete bolt check, replace the front valance and changing over the setup, the team joined Jake in the #88 at Flamboro Speedway for their practice day on April 22nd where both cars made significant gains on improving the handling throughout the day.

The 2017 season got underway Saturday night as the #86 and the #88 arrived at Flamboro for the first race of the season. However, Billy would not be in the #86 pro late model as the class won’t be running its first race until the following weekend, so Billy would compete in his first event of the season in the #86 mini stock as he joined Jake to run the twin 20-lap features that would open the season. Billy and Jake took to the track for the first practice session and on the first lap the #5 spilled a substantial amount of oil on the track that Jake spun in before making hard contact with the #71 sending both cars to the pits for repairs while the oil was cleaned off the track. The #88 team went to work on the left front corner of the car and fortunately it was more body damage than structural and the car was easily repaired in time for the second practice. Billy was happy with the handling of the #86 with just a loose in condition that was fixed with adjustments to the sway bar and tire pressures. Jake was also happy with the handling of the #88  and no adjustments were required despite only having one practice session.

Billy lined up on the outside pole in the 2nd position behind the #07 for the first of two 20-lap features with Jake starting back in 12th and Billy’s brother Ricky would start at the tail-end of the field in 16th as he just managed to get his car together enough that morning at the shop to make it to the track. As the field took the green flag Billy took the lead heading into turn 1 and was followed closely by the #03 as Jake moved his way up inside the top-10 in the 8th position before the first caution on lap 15. The final caution came on lap 17 setting up a great side by side battle over the final laps between Billy and the #03 with Billy just edging ahead to take the win as Jake finished inside the top-5 in 5th.

For the second feature Billy started in the 8th position and as they took the green flag, Jake immediately charged forward from his starting position in 12th to the 9th position on lap 2. Billy also gained positions early and moved into the 4th position where he ran until the first caution came out on lap 10. With Billy restarting in 4th and Jake restarting in 7th, the leader would have mechanical issues as the field came to the green flag but both Billy and Jake were in the right lane that moved forward as Billy jumped into 2nd behind the #71 and Jake moved up to 5th. Over the closing laps Billy was all over the bumper of the #71 while also having to defend against the #03 making it a three car race to the finish with all three trying to gain a position while also trying not to lose one in the process. The top-3 would finish in that order giving Billy the overall victory with a 1st and a 2nd while Jake maintained his 5th place position to get his second top-5 of the night.

Samantha makes her season debut on Saturday May 6th at Sunset Speedway. The front gate opens at 3:30 PM with racing getting underway at 5:00 PM. Billy and Jake return to Flamboro that same night as Billy switches gears to the #86 pro late model as the late models take to the track for their first race of the season. The front gate opens at 5:00 PM with racing getting underway at 6:00 PM.

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