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10-15-16 Post Race Update #25

With a high probability of rain for the second day of the annual Frostoberfest weekend at Flamboro Speedway, the track announced earlier in the week that the event would be shortened to a one day show with the pro late models being cut from the event. With the sun shining and unseasonably warm temperatures in the mid-high teens; Samantha, Wade and Jake Hooker all headed to the track with the #81, #22 and #86 mini stocks. In order to squeeze in all of the classes, less the pro late models, there would only be one heat race for the mini stocks and a B-main in order to qualify 30 out of the 33 cars in attendance for the twin 30-lap features.

With only two practice sessions, the teams would have a short amount of time to get their cars ready and despite the limited amount of practice; all three drivers were happy with the handling of their cars as they went to work getting ready for their respective heat races. In the drivers meeting Jake was awarded a cheque for $200 as the furthest driving mini stock and this along with the race winnings (which were to be generously matched by Jake and his dad Kirk) will be donated to the Guelph Wish Fund for Children continuing the tradition started by Ken and Billy with the #86 mini stock. In his first ever race on asphalt; Jake was the first driver on track for his heat race in the #86. Unfortunately for Jake his first race would be a short one as contact with the #77 on the first lap resulted in a flat right-front tire on the #86 and the #77 ending up in the turn 3 wall. The rule for the qualifying races is that if you go into the pits for any type of repairs, you aren’t able to go back on track so Jake found himself automatically going into the B-main to try and qualify. The next heat race was a busy one for the Spira Racing team as both Samantha and Wade found themselves in heat race #2 along with the #72 of Billy’s brother Rich. Samantha lined up on the pole; Rich was a few rows back in 5th and Wade brought up the rear in the 11th position. On lap 1 Rich found himself facing the wrong direction in turn 2 after some contact slowing the field before they could get a lap completed. On the restart, Samantha remained 1st, Wade was now 9th and Rich restarted back in 10th. On lap 2 another right-front tire would go down and this time it was on the #81 as Samantha made contact with the #50 while battling for the lead. As Samantha made her way to pit road the rest of the race ran caution free with Wade being the only car to qualify for the A-main as he finished 8th with Rich right behind him in 9th.

The B-main was up next and with only 10-laps, it would be a hectic race as cars tried to get to the front as they would only be taking the top 8 cars into the feature. Rich and the #72 sat on the pole, Jake lined up 6th and Samantha 7th as the field took the green flag. Jake and the #77 would renew acquaintances as the two made contact coming off turn 2 resulting in the #77 getting sideways before the #6 would make contact and end his night. On the restart, Rich would maintain the lead while Samantha restarted 4th with Jake behind her in 6th. The #72 would lead the race from start to finish picking up the victory while Samantha made her way up to 3rd and Jake would finish 5th ensuring that all of the Spira Racing mini stocks would run in the twin 30 lap features later that night.

As the highest qualifying car from the Spira Racing team, Wade lined up in 22nd, Samantha in 23rd, Rich in 24th and Jake back in the 28th for the first 30-lap feature. On lap 1 as Samantha went to change lanes heading down the backstretch, she made contact with Rich in the #72 sending her hard into the outside wall; however she would quickly regain control of her car and keep marching her way towards the front despite bending the front clip. Rich would find himself getting together with another Spira car a couple of laps later as he and Jake split a car making it three wide heading through turns 3 & 4 resulting in contact between the two and the #72 would get the short end of the stick, spinning in turn 4. The team were making their way through the field with the #22 in 14th, the #86 in 17th; the #72 in 21st the #81 in 22nd and on lap 25 while running in 13th, Wade was moving past the #03 when contact between the two sent Wade into the outside wall before coming to a stop in the infield grass. After making a stop in the pits to survey the damage, Wade would return to the track but he would finish towards the tail-end of the field. With only five laps to go, Jake led the charge in 9th, Samantha had battled her way back up to 15th and Rich ran right behind Samantha in 16th.  Unfortunately Rich’s night came to an early end as his car lost power in the final laps and he pulled the #72 into the infield to watch as the race concluded with Jake hanging on to finish 9th and Samantha finished just outside the top-10 in 11th.

Despite everyone working on the #72 between features to find the power issue that was preventing the #72 from starting, the car would fail to start before the second feature and Rich was done for the night. That left only three cars remaining for the second and last 30-lap feature  as Samantha lined up in the 9th position, Jake in 11th and Wade back in 24th. After the contact with the #03 and the front stretch wall in the first feature, Wade pulled the #22 off track early into the second feature as the car was not handling properly and he could feel the motor starting to act up. Despite returning to the track for one final attempt at finishing the race, Wade would ultimately pull off for good resulting in a DNF. After a restart on lap 9, the inside lane didn’t get going right away and Jake made hard contact with Samantha and after she fell back, she regained control and passed on the inside as Jake slowed up to avoid cars that made contact in turn 2. Samantha and Jake continued to make their way towards the front as Samantha ran 10th and Jake in 12th by the halfway point. With only one caution over the rest of the race, Samantha would finish inside the top-10 in 8th while Jake would just miss his second top-10 finish of the night coming home in 11th. Overall Rich finished 30th, Wade finished 25th, Samantha finished inside the top-10 in 8th and in his first ever asphalt appearance Jake finished just outside the top-5 in 6th.

Though the Frostoberfest weekend generally ends the racing season, Flamboro Speedway has announced that the Grisdale Triple Crown for the pro late models that was cancelled on October 16th, has now been rescheduled for Saturday October 29th.  The rescheduled event will consist of three 50-lap features for the pro late models and twin 30-lap features as part of a mini stock invitational. Please check the Spira Racing Facebook page as well the Flamboro Speedway for updates including start times.


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